Superación. Crónicas aula-dependientes.
Ésta es mi primera narración en ingles, los errores ortográficos y de redacción son parte de las huellas que cada semana vamos tratando de superar. Eso que suele llamarse obstáculos epistemológicos.

Palabras claves: superación, crónicas, obstáculos epistemológicos.

1827 Juan Pablo López, St.
Paraná, entre Ríos. 3100.
April, 29 th.

Dear Mariana, 
How are you? I´m fine. Here´s a letter in English. 
It´s my homework ! I have classes at night with Pablo, he is very studious and responsible.
In my class with nine studients. They´re fun, our teacher´s name is Marianela, she is excellent. 
I live in a house with Carolina, my wife, she a nuerse and like a pets. She is 36 years old. Caro and I have two dogs: Isis and Zeus, they´re very friendly.
Paraná is boring but I have hoods friends. In fall is rainy but today is hot, Nasty. I send kiss.

See you ! Kisses, 


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